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ELE 509E - Current-Mode Analog Circu.Dsg.

Course Objectives

- To teach the basic principles of current-mode analog circuit design

- Introduction of basic building blocks used in current-mode analog circuit design

- To teach the design techniques for current-mode analog circuit design

- Give motivation in circuit design by introducing and analyzing various applications in this topic.

Course Description

Introduction. Bipolar and MOS current mirrors. Current-mode circuits: The translinear principle, multipliers and dividers, the translinear cross-quad, minimum and maximum functions, trigonometric functions. Current-mode building blocks: The current conveyor, current followers, current-mode feedback amplifiers, operational floating conveyor, current-mode operational amplifiers. Dynamic current mirrors and some applications. Current-mode circuit applications: Current integrators, switched current filters, current-mode analog/digital and digital/analog converters (ADC, DAC), current copier circuits and their applications.

Course Coordinator
Nil Banu Tarım
Course Language
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