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MBG 536E - Advanced Immunology

Course Objectives

• To understand cellular interactions within the immune system and how molecular diversity is generated to regulate immune responses
• To acquire insights into the various strategies of host immune responses against pathogens, and how pathogens escape proper immune responses
• To understand the mechanism by which the immune system regulates either immune activation or tolerance induction
• To understand how immune system malfunction in auto-immune diseases and cancer and how they become inadequate in immune deficiency states
• To apply the acquired knowledge to interpret scientific literature

Course Description

• Cellular basis of immune responses; effector functions of antibody, lymphocytes and macrophages
• Immunological processes underlying homeostasis control; immune tolerance induction, immunity
• Processes that lead to development of inflammatory diseases; autoimmunity and cancer.

Course Coordinator
Ayça Sayı Yazgan
Course Language
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