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KET 525E - Sustainable Urban Design

Course Objectives

1. To discuss some of the basic principles and ideas of the design of our future cities.
2. To focus on the physical aspects of the urban environment: landscape, nature, transportation systems, and on the energy and material flows including water and wastes.
3. To provide alternatives and answers to the question of how we can move towards cities that are more enjoyable, more interesting and greener while using less energy, materials and water.

Course Description

Definition of sustainability, Sustainable urban structure; The walkable community; Sustainable transport; Future technologies in transportation; Benefits of landscape in the city; Sustainable landscape strategy; Solar energy; Wind energy; Community heating and CHP (central heating plant); Fuel cells, waste and biomass; The future of energy; Design implications of energy.

Course Coordinator
Hatice Ayataç
Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
Course Language
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