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YAB 605 - Cultural Differences in Construction Sector

Course Objectives

1. Introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of culture theories
2.Provide insights into students’ understanding of different country cultures that they have to face in a rapidly globalizing construction industry, and give them a different point of view
3. Show how to manage cultural differences for working in a multi-cultural environments

Course Description

Definition and characteristics of culture, Types of culture, Layers of culture; symbols, beliefs, assumptions, Levels of culture: Nation, sector, organization, group, Interaction of cultural layers, Cultural Models; Hofstede’s model, Trompenaars’ model, Cross-cultural motivation, Cross-cultural leadership, Cross-cultural communication, Cultural aspect of conflict management, Organizational culture; Definition and dimensions; Types of organizational culture, culture in multi-national organizations, cultural aspects of construction industry; Sector, project and occupational cultures, Impacts of cultural differences on international construction projects, Cultural differences case studies for international construction

Course Coordinator
Fatma Heyecan Giritli
Course Language
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