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DUM 624E - Modelling&Simulati.in Mariti.

Course Objectives

To study modeling and simulation (M&S) methodologies considering both practical and theoretical aspects primarily in the context of industry in details, and make students perform M&S applications by teaching the relevant topics.
To provide an understanding of the system (unit, process, event...) operating in time and space through the interaction of its parts; where a model is a simplified representation of applied or theoretical system at some particular point in time or space.
To teach the theoretical aspects of M&S and real-world practices primarily towards the maritime industry; which includes entity modeling, behavior modeling, sensor systems modeling, distributed simulations, simulation based optimization and analysis.

Course Description

M&S methods and engineering analysis in engineering problems and in system modeling, The use of modeling in simulation applications, Introduction to discrete-time modeling. Markov space and Monte Carlo simulations. Control system simulations, dynamic systems simulations, intelligent systems comcepts, Simulator development application study through 2 and 3 dimenstional simulation approaches, Graphical user interface and other simulator interfaces, Decision support systems through (M&S).

Course Coordinator
Hakan Demirel
Hakan Demirel
Course Language
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