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KMM 604 - Advanced Equilibrium Staged Operations

Course Objectives

1. To provide the knowledge about the optimization of model parameters which are used in phase equlibria by using programming, optimization and numerical methods knownledge.
2. To provide knowledge about computer aided calculations of distillation, extraction, absorption and ion exchange operations.
3. To provide knownledge about coputer based distillation calculations of multi-component systems

Course Description

Parameter optimization in phase equilibria. Computer aided calculations of batch and continuous distilations for binary systems, Binary distillation with multible feeds and side streams, Computer aided calculation of multicomponent flash distillation, Computer aided calculation of equilibrium stages in extraction, Computer aided calculation of absorption, Computer aided calculations of ion-exchange operation. Multicomponent distillation.

Course Coordinator
Nalan Erdöl Aydın
Course Language
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