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MBG 516E - Immobilized Enzymes & Cell Technology

Course Description

Classification of immobilized enzymes; Matrixes for enzyme immobilization: Morphological and chemical classifications; Medhods of enzyme immobilisation: Cros-linking methods; Support-binding methods; Entrapment methods; Immobilsed soluble enzyme methods; Effect of immobilization methods on the kinetics and properties of enzymes; Whole cell immobilization versus enzyme immobilisation; Immobilised cell fermentations versus conventional fermentations; Immobilisation techniques for cells: Cross-linking; copolymerization; covalent binding; adsorption and entrapment techniques; Interactions between cell and carriers; Activity of immobilised cells, Applications of immobilised biocatalysts; Reactor types and kinetics for immobilised biocatalysts.

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