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ZMG 512 - In-situ Testing Methods and Evaluation

Course Objectives

1. Introduction of in-situ testing methods to determine the characteristics of soils.
2. Selecting the appropriate method.
3. Interpretation of test results.
4. Determining design parameters

Course Description

Borings and Soil Sampling. Standard Penetration Test (SPT). Cone Penetration Test (CPT). Dynamic Penetration and other Sounding Tests. Plate Loading Test. In-situ Density Measurements, In-situ California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR). Field Shear Vane Test, Pressuremeter and Dilatometer Tests. In-situ Permeability Testing, Groundwater Pressure Measurements. Dynamic Soil Properties based on in-situ Measurements. Microtremor Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering. In-situ stress and Deformation Measurements.

Course Coordinator
Recep İyisan
Course Language
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