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GID 504 - Food Fermentation Processes

Course Objectives

To gain broad knowledge on
• Fermentation technology, fermentors, extraction of fermentation products
• Microorganisms used in fermentation, starter cultures, culture collections
• Production of fermented foods and other products
• Food safety aspects of fermented foods, regulations

Course Description

Introduction to fermentation technology, microorganisms used in fermentation- characteristics, isolation, identification, improvement and maintenance methods , starter cultures, culture collections, fermentors , extraction of fermentation products, fermented foods (dairy, meat, cereal, fruit and vegetable products) , fermented alcoholic beverages, traditional fermented products, functional and probiotic fermented products, production of microbial enzymes, organic acids, biomass and food additives, food safety aspects of fermented foods, regulations

Course Coordinator
Hatice Funda Karbancıoğlu Güler
Course Language
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