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PST 507E - Fiber Formation

Course Objectives

In depth mathematical analysis of filament formation from polymeric materials such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene would give scientific thinking and research basics for those who seek MSc or PhD in polymer science. The study of filament/fibre formation during speeds up to 6000 m/min is of great importance for those who will work for the fibre producer as well as polymer and spinning machinery developers

Course Description

Industrial aspects of high-speed filament production. Fundamental scientific problems. Melt spinning: Mathematical modelling of melt spinning. Dynamics of melt spinning, Fibre formation during high-speed spinning. Theory of molecular orientation. Physical properties and structural development of high-speed spun filaments. Fibre formation with wet and dry spinning Fundamentals of other filament spinning techniques. Yarn winding. Mechanics of high-speed filament yarn winding. Problems related with high-speed filament yarn winding.

Course Coordinator
Ali Demir
Ali Kılıç
Course Language
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