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BPL 526 - regional development and creative industries

Course Objectives

1.Discussing new developments in the world economy and their effects on development
2. Discussing new developments in the world economy, considering new sectoral structure and creative ındustries, and evaluating their effects on the new regions and regional development
3.Discussing new developments in the world economy and their effects on spatial development
4.Understanding new economic geography and its effects on regional development and new regions

Course Description

From post-fordist period to new economic geography and regional development, changes in the economic specialization of regions and regional development, new regions, knowledge and knowledge economics, knowledge and information technologies and new strategic sectors, innovation, creativity and their roles on regional development, competitiveness, localization and regional agglomeration, human capital and creative class, creative sectors and growth, the effects of strategic sectors on each other and their locations, regional dynamics and social polarization, social polarization and governance, creative regions

Course Coordinator
Ebru Kerimoğlu
Course Language
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