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CBM 527E - Fate and Manag. of Micropoll.

Course Objectives

Course objectives are;
1.Effect of hazardous and toxic chemicals in water and wastewater, classification and control diffuculties, control modes in different countries with different names
2. Protective management modes and control methodologies for human health and aquatic life
3. Studies on useful models to create discharge limits and standards for legal enforcements

Course Description

MPs characterization. Sources of MPs, point, impact assessment of MPs for human health and aquatic life, advance treatment, detoxification, biodegredability, Inhibition effect of MPs, probable improvements in treatment, Control of MPs, priority pollutant lists, black lists, control of organochlorine compounds in drinking water, dioxin, asbestos, heavy metals. Micropollutants in food chain, law and regulations. Special topics.

Course Coordinator
İlhan Talınlı
Course Language
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