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ELK 571 - Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Electrical Machines

Course Objectives

1. To give basic concepts of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis,
2. To learn signal analysis methods used for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis,
3. To make condition monitoring and fault diagnosis studies on rotating electric machines.

Course Description

Introduction to condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and maintenance, Failure mechanisms; Sensors, Signal Conditioning and Data acquisition; Statistical methods; Fourier analysis; Hilbert transform, Cepstrum analysis; Parametric modeling; Time-frequency analysis, Short-time Fourier transform; Wavelet analysis; Condition monitoring of electrical machines, Vibration based techniques; Current-based techniques; Other methods such as flux, temperature, speed, oil, acoustic monitoring, Condition monitoring of power systems; Artificial intelligence for condition monitoring.

Course Coordinator
Emine Ayaz
Course Language
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