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TEL 518 - Complex Valued Functions Theory

Course Objectives

To teach the fundamental concept of complex analysis, i.e., complex plane, analytic function and
Riemann surface to engineering students
To te
ach the residue theory and integration in complex plane, conformal mapping and power
series expansion.
To apply the complex analysis methods to various electromagnetic and signal processing

Course Description

Definition of Com
plex plane, Riemann surface, multi
valued functions such as square
root and logarithmic
function. Derivative in complex domain, analytic function and Laplace equation.
Introduction to conformal mapping and its application to boundary value problems. Residu
e theorem and its
application to evaluate definite integrals. Infinite series, power series, Taylor and Laurent expansion of
functions. Determination of analytic continuation of function

Course Coordinator
Tuba Yılmaz Abdolsaheb
Course Language
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