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CBM 559 - Water Management

Course Objectives

The goals of the course are as follows:
1. Provide to comprehend water management components as a whole and to set up a scientific infrastructure for the implementation,
2. Describe the water management principles at river basin level,
3. Introduce the infrastructure required for the integrated water resource management by defining the all requirements and demands at river basin level and considering water quality objectives,
4. Inform students about the water quality management principles in accordance with European Union,
5. Provide students to gain qualification for the preparation of river basin, flood and drought management plans in compatible with European Union.

Course Description

Water management; concepts and components; water management in the World and Turkey; water law and policy; water management principles at river basin level; determination of sectorial water demand and water allocation; lake and wetland management; inland surface water management; coastal and transitional water management; groundwater management; determination and management of sensitive areas; designation of receiving body based discharge standards; chemical, biological and hydromorphological monitoring of water resources; modelling in water management; flood management; drought management; climate change and adaptation strategies; socioeconomical analysis of decisions and activities related with water.

Course Coordinator
Cumali Kınacı
Course Language
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