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UUM 628 - Aeroacoustics

Course Objectives

1- To give a deep understanding of the fundamental equations of aeroacoustics.
2- To investigate aerodynamically generated sound for different problem in aerospace and solve using analytical methods.
3- To gain ability of implement these methods to various aeroacoustics problems.

Course Description

General acoustic theory. The Wave theory of sound. Acoustic sources: monopole, dipole and quadrupole. Aerodynamic sound generation. The acoustic analogy. Lighthill’s equation and its solution without solid boundaries. Applications to turbulent flows and jet noise. Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings equation and its applications. Propeller noise: Far field asymptotic theory. Rotor noise. Theories based on vorticity-entropy aeroacoustic field equations. Advanced computational methods.

Course Coordinator
Baha Zafer
Course Language
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