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DZC 501 - Cognitive Ergonomy in Maritime Sector

Course Objectives

Theaim of thecourse;
1. Teachcognitiveergonomicfactors in marineenvironment
2. Explainresearchmethods / approachesandthinkingprocessesused in cognitiveergonomics
3. Explaintheconcept of human-machinesystems in maritimefield
4. Explainuser-centereddesignandmethods in maritimeoperationalprocesses
5. Explaintheconcepts of safety in marineareafromtheperspective of cognitiveergonomics
6.Provide an understanding of thelinksbetweenCognitiveProcessesandSituationalawareness

Course Description

Basic information on cognitive ergonomics, Cognitive ergonomic approaches (thinking processes in
cognitive ergonomics, data acquisition and analysis), Cognitive theories and maritime domain,
Human-machine systems, Research in man-machine systems and demonstrations, Situational
Awareness measurement techniques in maritime (SAGAT, SART), Situational awareness and
cognitive modeling in maritime, Safety and cognition in maritime, Human factor and stressor factors
in maritime, Accident mechanisms and cognitive processes in maritime, The impact of cognitive
processes on operational performance in marine, maritime development of cognitiveability and
cognitive impairment.

Course Coordinator
Leyla Tavacıoğlu
Course Language
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