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MZJ 502E - Foundati.of Historic.Musicol.

Course Objectives

• To know the methods and sources of historical musicology,
• To understand Musicology discipline within a historical aspect.
• To discuss topics of historical musicology within the concepts of tradition and historicisim.

Course Description

Studies of historical sources such as books, scores, sheet musics, treatises, recordings and musical instruments. Performance practices. Musical biography. Concepts of ‘historicism’ and ‘tradition’. Theoretical approaches such as Hermeneutic historiography, socio-historiography and ‘Decentered’ historiography. Historical musicology studies on periods of music history; ancient sources, Medieval Musicology, Renaissance Musicology, Baroque and Classical Musicology, 19th century musicology.

Course Coordinator
Gözde Çolakoğlu Sarı
Gözde Çolakoğlu Sarı
Course Language
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