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MZJ 801 - Music Theory

Course Objectives

•To provide basic knowledge in music
•To provide basic abilities in identifying by hearing, sight reading and musical writing.

Course Description

Basic concepts of music: Staff lines, G and F clefs, note values, technique of writing notes. Tetrachords, and scales. Scale degrees in the major scale, identifying them by hearing. Key signature and tonality relationship. Singing ear training exercises in major mode without non diatonics, in all 12 keys. Intervals in terms of theory and ear training, Rhythmical and melodic sight reading and dictation, Scale degrees in harmonic minor scale, identifying them by hearing, Triads in terms of both theory and ear training studies. Introduction to non diatonic scale degrees in both major and minor modes, and on all 12 keys, singing and writing them. Octave groups and clefs. Pitch ranges of musical instruments in an orchestra.

Course Coordinator
Eray Altınbüken
Course Language
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