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SYC 510 - Political Thought in Modern Turkey

Course Objectives

“The Second Constitutional Period is the political laboratory of the Republic”.
Tarık Zafer Tunaya

Attendance and active participation in class discussions are required for which reading the weekly assignments would be necessary. A book report from the list below will be submitted on week 7. The major arguments of the book as well as its deficiencies and strengths need to be presented in the report. Furthermore, the students should also write their own ideas and criticisms about the book. The presentation will entail an early sharing of the final research paper in class. Present your initial findings, assumptions and methodology. The Final research paper should be of publishable quality on a topic commensurate to the class.

Course Description

Turkish political thought has evolved from the late nineteenth century until the twenty first century with quite a number of continuities as well as diverging currents of thought. The ideological currents of Islamism, Westernism and Turkish nationalism has remained influential throughout the late Ottoman Empire and the republican era. Only Ottomanism ceased to exist with the establishment of the republic even though varying forms of fascination with the Ottoman past survived the dissolution of the monarchical polity. Republicanism, which had weak underpinnings under Ottoman Empire, became the official regime from 1923 onward. This class will cover major currents in Turkish political thought in an objective and analytical manner and unpack the impact of ideologies on Turkish politics.

Course Coordinator
Umut Uzer
Course Language
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