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MDP 609E - Recital 1

Course Objectives

1. Through technical exercises and etudes to improve students’ technique and musicality.
2. To teach students how to assimilate the information given to them and apply it to similar situations in other pieces and show initiative in solving musical and technical problems encountered.
3. To help tudents develop an understanding of musical performance through a study of the repertoire from the pre-Baroque and Baroque period written for their instrument.
4. To help students get acquainted with several composers and musical styles.

Course Description

An individually tailored course to address the performer’s strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve them through technical exercises and tutoring. Through close contact with the teacher, students will improve their technical prowess and overall musical ability. The first semester will concentrate on repertoire from the pre-Baroque and Baroque period, and will culminate in an end-of-semester performance executed in front of a jury.

Course Coordinator
Jerfi Aji
Course Language
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