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MDP 638E - Advanced Audio Mastering

Course Objectives

1. To provide students with the ability of identifing precise and subtle problems in audio content prior to mastering.
2. To teach students how to correct dynamic, spectral, and spatial inadequacies in audio files, in ways with do not degrade the sound through critical listening and hands on practice,
3. To show students the full audio production process from mix to final distribution in great detail through readings and lectures.
4. To show students the structure and function of a modern mastering studio, including studio design.

Course Description

For students who already have a thorough grounding in audio mastering techniques, this course delves deeply into advanced mastering procedures from audio restoration, to filter design, to specific aspects of converter design. Topics like precisely focused spectral balancing to advanced dynamic range processing will also be addressed. Coursework will involve actual mastering work as well as a research paper.

Course Coordinator
Sertaç Kakı
Course Language
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