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IMT 509E - İnterior Architect.Project III

Course Objectives

1. To maintain for the students to design within an international and interdisciplinary work environment a collaborative/personal design work in 2 weeks time span,
2. To maintain for the students to design a research based project related with thesis topic as a second project,
3. To maintain for the students to gather and to transfer all the issues related with interior architecture and its associated disciplines.
4. To maintain for the students to use any kind of media for visualizing, expressing and representing the design work.

Course Description

This course has two steps. First is the international workshop that the decisions of the project site, subject, scope and scale which is changing every year. Second, which is changing from students to students, is an interior architecture project related with thesis studies. The course take into account multidimensional and holistic nature of design, gathering of information, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, presentation and thesis report.

Course Coordinator
Emine Görgül
Course Language
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