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BVT 606E - History of ScienceTexts

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the pioneers of history of science;
2. To introduce distinguished texts produced by leading historians of science;
3. To introduce the basic concepts, methods and sources used in the analysis of history of science texts;
4. To help the students grasp the ability to read, understand and write texts and make researches while building or assessing a text related to history of science

Course Description

Pioneering personalities and their major texts regarding history of science. Main themes are Methodology, Sources, and Selected History of Science Texts, Joseph Needham, Science and Civilisation in China, William Shea, Galileo, Isaac Newton Principia, Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, Thomas S. Khun, Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Maria Curie (Biography Analysis), Nicola Tesla (Biography Analysis),Albert Einstein (Biography Analysis), Franz Rosenthal, Knowledge Triumphant, İbn Sina, Kanun fit’Tıb, A.Adnan Adıvar, Osmanlı Türklerinde İlim, Aydın Sayılı, Observatory in Islam

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Zorlu
Course Language
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