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DZC 504 - Maritime Quality Systems and Standards

Course Objectives

1. Toteachthecontrolmethods of standardsandprovidetheanalyticthinking to form new methods of standards,
2. To teach the management, engineering and statistics disciplines synchronization and interactive using in quality management,
3. To teach the strategic planning, performance management, quality management and process management about improvements with the purpose of supporting theoretical information on quality.

Course Description

The importance of standards and quality systems in manufacturing and service sector. The definition of TSE ISO Quality Management System, terms, descriptions and importance.
Standard varieties and preparation., Certification and accreditation stages, TSE certification activities. Identification of the quality system model. Preparation of quality management system documentation and quality handbook. Work instructions and the concept of job definition, preparation of work instructions and job definitions, correlating quality management system documentation.Process modelling, Process improvement and interactions Policy and strategy concepts, strategic management in Quality Management Systems SWOT analysis, vision and mission concepts, strategic goal concept, objective concept, situation analysis in Quality Management Systems Measurement and calibration, validation and verification
Suspense budget and statistical evaluation) Modeling a quality system for an establishment based on technical measurements

Course Coordinator
Metin Çelik
Course Language
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