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MDP 623E - Preceptorial List.Read:America

Course Objectives

Through listening, readings, and videos, this course provides students with the
knowledge of the many different music styles from Europe and northern America, and
to introduce the variety of cultures through their music.
6. The critical listening of the students as well as their music appreciation skills by
applying them to highly diverse aesthetic systems will be developed.
7. By evaluating the ethnomusicological literature in a global context, students identify
differences between representations of Pan-European music cultures and those of the
rest of the world..
8. Through extensive contextualized listening, the critical listening skills of the students
will be developed.

Course Description

An introduction to the sound world and ethnomusicological representation of Europe and
northern America. The course emphasizes the experience of sound, and thus focuses on
aesthetic, analytical, and critical responses to audio and video recordings, combined with
readings from the ethnomusicological literature.

Course Coordinator
Emine Şirin Özgün Tanır
Course Language
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