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SYC 506E - Political Geography

Course Objectives

- To equip the students with advanced knowledge on different subjects in political geography.
- To equip the students with approaches and methods in social sciences in general by departing from subjects in political geograpy
- To improve practices of reading, writing, disscussing and making research.

Course Description

This course focuses on the spatial and geographical dimensions of political phenomena. The course covers theoretical approaches to time-space-society relations which discuss the ‘spatial’ dimension within social sciences in general, and political studies in particular; theories on the systems of global/ national /regional relations; spatial patterns of production, exchange and circulation; the spatial structure of the state, rescaling of the state, legal-institutional regulation at the cross-national, national and local scales and the politics of scale; political aspect of migration and settlement systems; globalization, regionalization and localization, the new region and localities. The course may also focus on other basic themes of political geography such as environment-ecology, utilization of natural resources, political geography of gender/ethnicity/religion, and the like.

Course Coordinator
Elvan Gülöksüz
Course Language
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