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STR 525E - Art History and Culture

Course Objectives

1. To have the students study art works within the context of the period they were produced.
2. To help students make a connection between art and fields such as metaphysical thought philosophy, psychology and politics.
3. To teach students what kind of a sign art is in culture.

Course Description

In this course, meaning of art and architecture is discussed. The cultures of societies through the ages are introduced: nomadic societies, early agricultural settlements, beginnings of great agricultural cultures, Egyptian culture, Mesopotamian cultures, comparison of Cretan and Mycenaean cultures, early Anatolian civilization and Antique period. Then, Medieval Cultures, Islamic world, emergence of Renaissance, Baroque period, results of Enlightenment, 19th century and eclecticism and art and culture in the 20th century are studied.

Course Coordinator
Aslıhan Erkmen Birkandan
Course Language
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