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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Pump terminology, total (differential) head, calculation of pipe and valve losses
2 Calculation of pipe and valve losses
3 Calculation of pipe and valve losses
4 Flow control methods and affinity laws
5 Net positive suction head and cavitation
6 Pumping viscous liquid
7 Pumping applications by using ERS and CBT
8 Troubleshooting in dynamic and positive displacement pumps
9 Troubleshooting in pipelines
10 Troubleshooting in L/O and F/O separators
11 Troubleshooting in oily water separators
12 Troubleshooting in air compressors and refrigeration systems
13 Troubleshooting in evaporators (F/W Generators) and incinerators
14 Troubleshooting in sewage treatment plants and steering gears, and stern tube
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