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ITA 201 - Italian III

Course Objectives

The students will learn to:
1) Speak about facts in the past with more details making a distinguish between different types of past: passato prossimo e imperfetto
2) Describe people (physical appearance and character)
3) Use prepositions and build simple subordinate sentences
4) Describe how people dress and talk about fashion
5) Talk about the weather and describe the frequency of actions or events. 6) Describe a holiday or school trip you took in the past
7) Ask about the time of arrival and departure of the means of transportation

Course Description

Pre-Intermediate level Italian grammar and vocabulary, and preparations for A2 level of CILS exams in line with Common European Framework of Reference.

Course Coordinator
Lına Calogera Augello
Lına Calogera Augello
Course Language
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