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Dersin Bilgileri

Dersin Adı
Türkçe Intr to Sci&Eng Comp (C)
İngilizce Intr to Sci&Eng Comp (C)
Dersin Kodu
BIL 104E Kredi Ders
Dönem 3
3 2 - 2
Dersin Dili İngilizce
Dersin Koordinatörü Turgut Yılmaz
Dersin Amaçları 1 - To develop enough familiarity with the specific programming environment
2 - To develop an understanding of fundamental programming logic and programming techniques
3 - To develop the knowledge of editing, compiling, running and debugging of a program
4 - To develop a working knowledge on the computer algorithms and programming language of different numerical methods which are used to solve scientific and engineering problems
5 - To emphasize on developing the students ability to analyze and solve problems by using high level programming language
Dersin Tanımı Introduction to C programming, I/O operations, emory concepts, arithmetic operators, Algorithms, if, if/else, while structures, assignment operators, increment/decrement operators, Essentials of repetition, Logical operators, Equality/assignment operators, Modules, Library functions, functions, Recursion vs. Iteration, Arrays, Pointers, Bubble sort using call by reference, Fundamenals of strings and characters, Data hierarchy, Writing/reading data randomly, Introduction to Scientific Visualization, Structure definitions
Dersin Çıktıları 1 - understand the syntax and structure of the programming language
2 - analyze a problem and develop an algorithm
3 - test, compile, debug, and verify the program
4 - develop practical programming skills in procedural, nonprocedural, logic, functional
5 - select and use the related libraries for solving the problems
6 - Design a program to meet requirements of comprehensive examples
7 - to write appropriate program documentation and report
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