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UAH 522E - Sayısal Haberleşme Sistemlerinin Temelleri

Dersin Amaçları


Dersin Tanımı

Homework: Homework will be assigned biweekly (total of 6 homework sets). No late submissions will be accepted.

Exams: There will be pop quizzes (15 mins. duration), 2 midterm exams (90 mins. duration, tentative dates to be announced) and a final exam. No make-up exams will be given, except in the case of proven urgencies.

Project: Each student should prepare a project report and a corresponding presentation presenting an in-depth investigation of a relevant topic in digital communications technology.
The project topic and summary must be approved by the course instructor.
At the completion of this project student should have and present information about the technology, development, trends, standards and protocols in the project topic area.

Attendance: Class attendance will be taken in each lecture. No more than 4 lecture hours are to be missed to be able to take the final exam.

Grading: The final course grade will be based on the homework, quizzes, midterm exams and the final exam. The course grade will be determined based on the following formula:


Statement for academic dishonesty
Any violation of academic integrity will receive academic and possibly disciplinary sanctions. The sanctions include the possible awarding of a VF grade.

• Cheating
• Copying on a test Plagiarism
• Acts of aiding or abetting Altering exams
• Submitting previous work Tampering with work

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