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MTO 605E Kredi Ders
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Dersin Amaçları -1.Providing component of the air pollution modeling in atmospheric sciences and environmental engineering.
2.Providing the concepts of atmospheric turbulence and diffusion phenomenon and physical and chemical Fundamentals of air pollution, and organizes the air pollution problems in the framework of air pollution control system, analyze and relate them to the atmospheric conditions.
3.Describing the state of the art of air pollution models, with special emphasis on needs for model application and trends in model development.
Dersin Tanımı -Turbulence in the atmosphere, Equations and concepts. The turbulent kinetic energy balance. Statistical models of diffusion and Taylor's theory. Gaussian model. K-diffusion models. Monte Carlo diffusion models. Complex terrain and turbulent diffusion. Long-Range transport and Lagrangian models. Evaluation of model performance. Dispersion of fumes and plumes (the most common models such as ISC-prime, AERMOD, CALPUFF, and SCREEN3 will be used). Furthermore, meso-meteorological models such as SAIMM, MM5, WFR and UAM, CAMx, CMAQ chemical transport models will be discussed.
Dersin Çıktıları Ph. D. students who succesfully pass this course should be able:
I. To use the engineering design process for creative problem solving
II. To select an appropriate solution method for a defined problem.
III. Experience the stages of group development by working on an open ended team project.
IV. To assemble and deliver accurate and well organized technical presentations that convey
the essentials of air quality engineering processes or plans.
V. Have the ability to knowledge of mathematics and atmospheric sciences to environmental
VI. Formulate and solve sophisticate air quality models.
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Gereken Olanaklar
Ders Kitabı 1. Seinfeld H., and Pandis S., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics from Air Pollution to Climate Change, Wiley, 2006.
2. Dutton., J. and Panofsky H., Atmospheric Turbulence, Models and Methods for Engineering Applications, Wiley, 1986.
3. Zannetti, P., Air Pollution Modeling Von Nostrand Reinhold, 1990.
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