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MTZ 504E - Yapı Teknolojisi

Dersin Amaçları

the objectives of the course are;

• to introduce “building technology” in the context of material, element and overall building,
• definition of the building sub-systems and their integration,
• to introduce methods for the selection of building materials in the architectural design process,
• to introduce methods for the selection of structural systems in the architectural design process,
• to discuss the aspects of building physics, mechanical and lighting systems in the design process
• to introduce the application of the theoretical knowledge of construction design to practice
• to design the building element systems within the framework of constructional design requirements, criteria and resources.

Dersin Tanımı

Building sub-systems such as building elements, structural, service systems, building materials and construction techniques and their integration all form the building technology at all scales and will be taken into consideration in an integrated design approach.

Building Technology course aims to focus on the innovative and sustainable design of elements, components and sub-systems of building structures; on how these relate to each other and to the architecture of the building. Integrated design components will be taken into consideration related to different disciplines by focusing to a particular building.

Building envelope system technologies are, preferably, proposed for focusing on the technology concept since these systems are inspiring and challenging subject with the integration of all sub-systems such as building materials, structural, mechanical, lighting systems and other design aspects. They might be considered as technology driven input in the context of energy, ecology and efficiency.

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