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MTS 505E - Mimarlıkta Nicel ve Nitel Araştırma Yöntemleri

Dersin Amaçları

The objective of the course is to make students define, plan, execute, and complete a research project, and understand the basic principles of scientific investigation and research process. Students will become familiar with alternative research strategies and a wide range of research methods in environmental researches from the simplest techniques to the complicated ones. This course will enable students to gain the skill of transforming a problem into a research problem, of discussing it and of preparing it as a report. While students designing their own research, they will comprehend fundamental characteristics of various data collecting and analyzing methods/techniques critically assess their strengths and weakness, select and use them.

Dersin Tanımı

Concept of research, its types and techniques and various approaches to research problem. Quantitative and qualitative research. Problem definition and objective statement of research stating hypothesis, research design, content, procedures, and time planning of research. Strategies, methods and techniques of data gathering, data analyzing, hypothesis testing, comparison, classification and evaluation in research. Statistical techniques: Parametric and non-parametric data analysis. Basic statistics, correlation, regression, multi-variate data analysis. Advanced statistics for data analyzing, hypothesis testing, classification etc. Communicating the research results: Techniques of writing report, articles and papers. Problems of reliability and validity in research.

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