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Dersin Bilgileri

Dersin Adı
Türkçe Enerji ve Çevre
İngilizce Energy and Environment
Dersin Kodu
ESM 303 Kredi Ders
Dönem 5
3 - - -
Dersin Dili İngilizce
Dersin Koordinatörü Hüsnü Atakül
Dersin Amaçları The course is designed to help students to:

1. Gain a basic understanding and appreciation of energy and its use in the life of society.

2. Explain concept of various forms of energy and converting one energy form into another.

3. Gain basic knowledge of major energy sources and resources, their potentials, both local and worldwide, and their classification.

4. Understand fossil fuels, including formation, geologic histories, analysis methods, classification, conversion technologies.

5. Develop an understanding of a variety of alternative energies, including, wind, solar, geothermal sources.

6. Learn principles of mass and energy balances in energy applications and carry out the related energy/conversion calculations.

7. Understand the environmental consequences and impacts of energy usage and conversion and the clean energy technologies reducing environmental pollution.
Dersin Tanımı Basic concepts. Energy Forms. Energy Consumption and Production. Primary Energy Resources. Conversion Processes: Renewable Energy Resources. Calculation in Fuel and Energy. Impact of Energy Use on Environment.
Dersin Çıktıları 1. By completing this course, students will be able to:

2. Be familiar with appreciate the importance and the role of energy in the life of a society.

3. Be familiar with the various forms of energies and energy conversion routes.

4. Having a qualitative knowledge of the origins and potential sources of fossil fuels and alternative energies being explored.

5. Develop skills in critically evaluating the means by which the fossil fuel and alternative energy sources can be exploited for energy generation.

6. Be able to analyze the results of fuel analysis.

7. Carry out basic calculations on energy content and energy conversion.

8. Develop a well-reasoned personal philosophy about the present energy situation and use.

9. Develop skills in determining and evaluating of impact of energy use on the environment.
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Third Edition, Thompson Brooks/Cole, Belmont, CA, 2008
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