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END 448E - Stokastik modellere giris

Dersin Amaçları

END 448E students will be able to
• Develop models for decision making under uncertainty
• Analyze the concepts of random variables (single and multivariate), mean, variance and covariance
• Identify and apply the probability distributions accurately to applications
• Develop and formulate decision problems using decision tress
• Measure the value of perfect and sample information
• Identify and describe a stochastic process
• Apply the stochastic process in the form of Markov chains and queuing models into real life problems

Dersin Tanımı

Introduction to mathematical modeling, analysis, and solution procedures applicable to uncertain (stochastic) systems. Methodologies covered include probability theory and stochastic processes. Applications relate to design and analysis of problems, inventory control, operations research, waiting lines, and system reliability and maintainability

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