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LOG 102 - Information Management

Dersin Amaçları

This course aims to develop an understanding of the key issues and trends in business’ use of technology, data, information, and knowledge for decision making, innovation and competitive advantage by providing skills and knowledge for the use and development of Management Information Systems for Transport & Logistics management.
The role of information systems in the business and its supply chains as well as manager’s role in systems development and implementation will be discussed.
Identifying determinants of the IT systems for supporting logistics activities in enterprises with an emphasis on identifing the relationship between data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP) in logistics operations, and decision support systems. Assessing the information technology in supporting process improvements particularly ERP, RFID systems. Introducing the recent technological trends including e-business, e-commerce, digital firm, big data, virtualization, cloud computing, wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce in terms of their potential to create value for logistics sector.

Dersin Tanımı

Modern logistics systems and processes are almost unimaginable without adequate information support. A huge amount of information which has to be processed daily, the need for quality management of resources and quick decision-making cannot be realized without work environment based on information technology. It supports the decision-
making bodies and optimizes the management of logistic support. The design of a high-performance logistics network (supply chain) depends decisively on the information available to the different parties. The available information technology, together with the incentives for the sharing of information within and across firm boundaries, is of key importance for the analysis and optimization of supply chains.
This course provides an overview of both traditional and recent technologies as possibilities and economic drivers for (or against) the successful application of information technology in logistics networks.

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