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TES 121E - Proje II Temel Eğitim Stüdyosu

Dersin Amaçları

The aim of TES II is to deliver topics and concepts that students would use throughout their undergraduate education in ITU Faculty of Architecture within an integrated systematic model. In this regard, students would adopt a paradigm of working, thinking and producing in an interdisciplinary media which is crucial for modern education in all departments of faculty of architecture. TES II also aims to develop the skills that students learn in the first semester further.The framework of TES II is designed to deliver knowledge and increase the design skill of students; so that, this studio will be supported by theoretical discourses and various implementations students to use throughout their education life

Dersin Tanımı

Designed to enhance the skills and knowledge gained in previous term’s Project I, the Project II course improves the students’ ability to read, write, speak and listen effectively, and to gather, assess, record, apply and comparatively evaluate information on design processes. Critical thinking, conceptualizing, interpretation, problem definition and problem solving are the main topics of the studio. The main objective of the course is enabling students to perceive, investigate, interpret, and analyze human-space-object-environment relationships and these elements that form these relations, to gain creatively problem solving skills and to gain the expertise in using the fundamental common terminology of design disciplines. The students are expected to develop design alternatives in relation with the given natural, spatial, social and cultural as well as conceptual contexts by taking into consideration the structural, material, construction parameters related to different scales of the design at hand. The course also provides the students with necessary skills to be able to present their research and design works by verbal, written and visual techniques; inform them about conceptual and practice based knowledge on creativity, design principles and design elements, effectively employ the basic skills to express their ideas visually and verbally and prove a medium to gain analysis and synthesis skills about design problems as well as a general awareness in design issues.

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