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MIM 351E - Mimari Tasarım 5

Dersin Amaçları

The question of performance is rooted in the form and function dialectic. Architects are mainly divided into two distinct parts in this discussion. While the formal approach tends to focus on artistic aspects of design and the discrete architectural object, the functional one is generally associated with science and, more specifically, with engineering and optimization (Hensel and Sørensen, 2014*). How can these two distinct aspects inform architectural design equally? The design process can be described as optimization, in which the architect prioritizes some parameters according to their importance in the design process. The aim of the Architectural Design Studio V is to question analysis, design and optimization processes in architectural design from multi-faceted perspectives. How can parameters related to the form, material, performance and construction/fabrication can inform the architectural design process integrally? The studio participants of MIM 351E are expected to identify critical parameters influencing their design processes.

*Michael U. Hensel and Søren S. Sørensen, Intersecting Knowledge Fields and Integrating Data-Driven Computational Design en Route to Performance-Oriented and Intensely Local Architectures, Dynamics of Data-Driven Design, Autumn 2014, pp. 59-74.

Dersin Tanımı

The studio will focus on the task of generating a Design, Science and Technology Hub (DeSciT-Hub) in an urban context. Site selection is a subject to be investigated by the studio participants based on their local residency. The proposed building is going to serve as a local hub, in order to accommodate DeSciT activities, share knowledge, exhibit products and/or provide experiences. The functional program should be interpreted by individual students.

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