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PEM 212E - Peyzaj Tasarımı I

Dersin Amaçları

- Understanding the variables that create and transform urban space.
- Examining the inside and outside relations between a structure and its impact area.
- Understanding how time can change the need for people, technology, and the environment.
- Developing new design strategies by examining the potential surfaces of the area in near future.
- Thinking about the transformation of the area to serve different purposes while also thinking about the transformation in terms of present and the future.

Dersin Tanımı

The inside and outside of the site share different realities. Inside is a controlled environment with given purposes while the outside is affected by countless variables. Therefore, the connection between inside and outside can create a new reality. This new reality also can be dramatically affected by time. Time can change society, technology, and people using the site. Reading this change through the timeline and predict the future of the site is crucial for landscape architects. Hence, the aim of this Landscape Project I "Transformative Spaces'' is to capture the transformation of open spaces by taking different dynamics through the timepass of inside and outside into consideration to form a new urban landscape that can amplify the experiences of both

Ikhwan Kım
Dersin Dili
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