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SBP 218E - Proje4

Dersin Amaçları

Within the framework of strategic spatial planning, Project IV's main objective is to determine the
main components of a given settlement by applying decision-making, evaluation and analysis
methods and technics, and the discussion of the development of the settlement.

Dersin Tanımı

Project includes;
• To evaluate Beykoz with its administrative territory and rural hinterland concerning
settlements’ systems and hierarchy in Istanbul,
• To discuss the potentials and problems, founded by the remarks from analyses of natural,
built-up and socio-economic environments, commonly used in urban and regional planning,
• To produce the urban and regional development alternatives and scenarios by the
utilization of analytic evaluation and decision-making techniques, used in contemporary
planning approaches,
• To use oral, written and graphical expression techniques and mapping, evaluation and
interpretation techniques in GIS

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