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TES 211E - Proje III

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This 14-week studio is organized to enhance planning students’ ability to examine natural, built and socio-economic environments, and reflect their site-related knowledge to the urban structure they design from a holistic and sustainable perspective. Throughout three modules, mini-lectures and drawing exercises will guide the students on data collection, analysis and synthesis, developing concept alternatives, and generate a site plan and a neighbourhood unit. Planning modules are accompanied by five common modules throughout the studio, which aims to enrich the students’ perspectives in an interdisciplinary and interactive learning environment that consists of instructors and students from four other departments of the ITU Faculty of Architecture: architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, and industrial product design.
The SBP content of Project III is designed to plan a site with a neighbourhood unit while promoting sustainability under the main studio theme, housing. Within this scope, the contents of the studio are as follows:
? Analysis of natural environment, built environment, and socio-economic structure in the context of site planning;
? Assessment of natural environment, built environment, and socio-economic structure in the context of site planning;
? Decision-making techniques in site planning;
? Generating concept alternatives for a site plan;
? Developing a select concept alternative into a site plan;
? Generating a neighbourhood design that corresponds to the site plan; and
? Written, oral and graphic expression techniques

The study area of Project III is determined as Kocaeli Kandıra and Başiskele districts within the province of Istanbul. The new development areas determined in 1/5000 Land-Use Plan (Nazım İmar Planı) will be accepted as potential sites (case areas) to develop. Exact boundaries of the site will be determined by a series of analysis and assessment techniques carried out in the center and vicinity of Kocaeli Kandıra and Başiskele. These steps are followed by adoption of site planning and design techniques as explained in the weekly schedule below.

Besides five common modules, the urban planning studio is comprised of three modules:
- MODULE I: Analysis and synthesis of existing natural, built and socio-economic environments
- MODULE II: Development of concept alternatives towards a site plan
- MODULE III: Site plan and neighbourhood unit design

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