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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 // Introduction to the course & logistics
Course context and plan
Getting to know each other
2 // Participation for whom?
Underlying concepts
— Public interest;
— Representation;
— Inclusion
// Free discussion: The 4th box
3 // From participation to public participation
Definition & concept
— Core values;
— Perceptions;
— Promises;
— Benefits;
— Better decisions
4 // Levels and process of participation
— The original approach by Arnstein: a ladder of participation;
— The more recent approach: 5-component spectrum
— Continuum of participation;
— Participatory planning processes around the world
5 // Methods of participation
Which method(s) to choose for what purpose?
Methods to:
— Inform;
— Involve;
— Empower
Mixed use of methods
// Structured debate: Pros (+) and cons (-) of methods in participation spectrum
6 // Addressees of participation
— Definition;
— Importance-influence-relationships;
— A stakeholder analysis by UNCHS Habitat
Actor structures
— Selection of actors (if at all);
— Typical actors vs. specific actors;
Other classifications
7 ** Take-home midterm **
8 // Participation in planning and design processes in Turkey
Legal and conceptual framework
— How is public participation defined in Turkish planning context?
— Which laws (en)/(dis)able participation?
— Consequences of current trajectory: Participation challenges
A closer look at local practice: The case of Ayazma-Tepeüstü redevelopment project
— Actors: formal vs. informal, direct vs. indirect
— Motives: factors behind project decision-making
— Participation views: public & private sector vs. residents & NGOs
9 // Community expectations and reality
Film screening:
“Ecumenopolis: City without limits”
// Structured debate: Interests vs. resources
10 // Reenvisioning the participation realm
Student presentations:
— Purpose and objectives of participation
— Actors and the mechanics of the participatory process
— Public outreach strategies
12 // In-class simulation of participatory design and planning
Interactive role-playing (game time!)
"Dissecting the community"
13 // Resource development for effective participation
— Definition and motives;
— Approaches and methods for empowerment;
— Empowerment practices with vulnerable groups around the world
Capacity building
— Definition and motives;
— Community capacity building;
— Institutional capacity building
14 // In-class simulation of participatory design and planning revisited
Interactive role-playing (game time again!)
"Stakeholder organizing and collaborative decision-making"
// Free debate: Co-habiting, co-ordinating, co-designing
15 // Lessons & prospects for the future
Developed vs. developing world
Representative democracy & trust building
// Structured debate: Role of today’s planners and designers in encouraging participation
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