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BTT 506E - Bilim Felsefesi

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Introduction to philosophy of science.

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The class will start with an introduction to the Scientific Revolution and an examination of the reasons that led scientists like Galileo to favor Copernicus’ system over Ptolemy’s, and to interpret Copernican astronomy in a realist fashion. Then, we will focus on the principle of Galilean or Newtonian Relativity, and we will explore how this principle eventually led to the Special and General Theory of Relativity, which we will also discuss on the basis of the realist/anti-realist distinction. Finally, we will evaluate the mutual relation between Classical Mechanics and Relativistic Mechanics from the following philosophical perspectives: logical-positivism (Einstein’s own view), critical rationalism (Popper) and post-positivism (Kuhn).

Giovanni Filippo Mion
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