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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 Session 1 -
What is on my Coffee Cup? Course introduction.
Reading assignment Chapter 1 of W4Perc (pages 5-28)
2 Session 2 -
How many ways can you hit a drum?
Sticks, brushes, hands, mallets.
In class composing for one drum.
reading assignments about mallet instruments
3 Session 3-
Everything you wanted to know about mallet instruments but were afraid to ask.
Which instrument is which, what all these different mallets are for
How to play with 2 mallets
More reading about mallet instruments
4 Session 4 -
Marimba ninjas / Now bow it.
4 mallets, mixing sticks, stacking instruments effectively
Assignment - Composing for mallet instruments
5 Session 5
More than just a ringtone.
In class mini performance
Talking about the final project (yes, already!)
Mallet percussion solo and ensemble repertoire.
6 Session 6 -
One person’s garbage is another person’s musical instrument.
(listening to mallet arrangements)
John Cage, Lou Harrison, found objects, critical thinking for noncritical instruments
The percussion revolution in the 20th century
Composition assignment: experiment with 3-5 found objects in your home. How would you notate for these? Write 4-8 bars and make a video
Reading: The Percussionist's Art: Loud Americans pp34-67
7 Session 7
What Does Your Kitchen Sound Like?
Sharing and discussion of your found object experiments and scores
Discussing the reading
Reading: The Percussionist's Art: Loud Americans pp67-89
8 Session 8
Why I Love / Hate the Woodblock
Multipercussion - Stockhausen, Xenakis, Lang
Discussing the reading
Reading Assignment: How to Write for Percussion: General Notation 55-83
9 Session 9 -
Always Have a Plan B, and My Favorite Green Mallets
Multipercussion continued
Why drumset notation is different
Reading Assignment: How to Write for Percussion: Metal and Wood pp147-181 (scan),
Article: The World of Historical Timpani
Composition assignment: multipercussion solo (or duet with found objects) (due in 2 weeks)
10 Session 10
Timpani is Awesome.
Beethoven's Timpani Revolution
Berlioz's Timpani Revolution
Elliot Carter's Timpani Revolution
11 Session 11
Everything including the kitchen sink
Listening to your multipercussion compositions
Solo and ensemble percussion music in the 20th and 21st centuries
Reading Assignment: to be given (use of percussion in classical / romantic era orchestra)
12 Session 12
Why I Love the Triangle (so very, very much)
intro to orchestral percussion: triangle, tambourine, castanets
Reading Assignment: to be given (use of percussion in 20th century orchestra)
13 Session 13
The Best Seat in the House (the Orchestral Percussion Section)
More Orchestral Percussion examples: bass drum, cymbals, snare drum
Homework: percussion section orchestration
14 Session 14
Making a Joyful Noise
Reading of orchestrations, discussing final project, perhaps revisiting mallet arrangements
15 Final Assignment:
Dr Frankenstein's Monster: Putting it all Together
Final projects will be a composition of your choice. Parts should be written so that various people can record a part from their home. We will need to use a click track for this! (For example: a vibraphone part for Irem, a drum part for Yunus, found objects / kitchen materials for anyone to play, one large percussion part for Amy to play at the studio)
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