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TEK 327E - Makine Elemanları

Dersin Amaçları

1. To introduce the analysis phase and machine elements in mechanical design.
2. To develop mathematical models for functional analysis and stress calculation of machine elements by using engineering sciences. By using the available experimental models determine the input and output values of the machine system elements.
3. To use the standards and design criteria.
4. To improve the goal recognition, creativity and intuition and also to enable the students to gain experience in machine design.
5. To provide the necessary knowledge and capability for task specification, concept formation and synthesis phases of the machine design. To develop the further stages of the machine design; manufacturing of prototypes, testing and marketing.

Dersin Tanımı

Mechanical engineering design activity and importance of machine elements knowledge in this activity. Fundamentals of design and applications of machine elements. Welded, soldered, adhesive bonded, riveted joints. Shaft-hub connections. Bolted joints and power screw mechanisms. Pins, knuckles, springs, shafts and axles, coupling and clutches, lubricants and lubrication theory, sliding and rolling bearings.

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