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MOD 317 - Designing with Hi-Tech Fabrics

Dersin Amaçları

? Become familiar with the sportswear, outerwear, performance apparel and other markets and their use of Hi-Tech fabrics

? Explore hi-tech fabric resources and be acquainted with their specialization

? Gain a detailed knowledge of specific hi-tech fabrics, their characteristics and their benefits

? Recognize and identify hi-tech textiles by their appearance, qualities and performance

? Acquire an understanding of properties that affect textile hand, color and functional characteristics and thus garment performance

? Evaluate trends and silhouettes and their potential for use with hi-tech fabrics

? Gain a working vocabulary of hi-tech fabrics and performance design details

? Broaden garment finishing techniques and the special machinery used in manufacturing hi-tech textile garments, such as seam taping and seam fusing

? Develop and articulate concepts of apparel design based upon hi-tech textile characteristics

? Keep an on-going detailed research book of hi-tech fabric resources, design details and design inspiration

? Create concept boards focusing on fabric, color, and silhouettes

? Execute oral presentations of line ideas inspired by hi-tech textiles

Dersin Tanımı

Students will be introduced to the concepts of hi-tech textiles and the pivotal relationship between these textiles in the development of performance apparel, sportswear other apparel markets. Students will investigate specific textiles, learn the terminology and design garments driven by the characteristics of these textiles.

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