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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 Development of the course
Oriented towards problem solving capacities acquisition
Combustion (or more generally chemical conversion of energy) being an interdisciplinary
research and technology domain, several knowledge areas and R&D techniques are needed
to be mobilized. Most of the individual knowledge areas composing the combustion domain
are today consigned in textbooks (thermodynamics, transport phenomena, fluid mechanics
and turbulence, heat transfer, materials sciences, computational reactive fluid dynamics,
optical and laser-based
measurement techniques…).
• Acquiring this archival knowledge will be essentially based on the students’ efforts
with the guidance of the instructor. The course topics listed below will be particularly
deepened in the weekly courses. A list of major combustion textbooks are provided
below and they will be specified for various course contents.
• Attendance of weekly courses is obligatory.
• Grades will be assigned based on students’ performances in midterm exams (1 or 2
depending on the progress of the learning process but the total weight for midterms
will be 30%), final exam/or term project (40%), homework (30%). The exams will
judge multifaceted problem-solving capacity of the students and will be based not on
equation writing or solving but on real problem solving in a complex situation with
various constraints, mostly combustion related technical but not only.
• Term projects will be selected by the students or assigned by the instructor related to
the weekly course topics or from the research projects that the instructor and his
research team are developing.
• The goal of the course is to prepare combustion engineering students to outstanding
academic carriers in aerospace propulsion & defense and energy & environment
related advanced knowledge and technology areas, or to high level executive
management carriers in Turkish or international companies in related industrial
activity domains, or to entrepreneurship experiences in their own innovative start-up
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