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UCK 441E - Flight Stability and Control

Course Objectives

To teach fundamentals of Flight Stability and Controls as to provide them with them basics that lead to analysis of flying and handling characteristics and successful design of automatic flight control systems.

Course Description

The course focuses on the following topics for the student gain expertise on the fundamentals of flight stability and controls: Basic definitions of flight mechanics, control and control surfaces. General structure of flight control systems. Aircraft static and dynamic stability and stability derivatives. Static longitudinal and lateral stability. Aircraft longitudinal and lateral dynamic equations. Nonlinear dynamic equations. Linearization of equations. Longitudinal and lateral transfer functions. Longitudinal modes of motion. Short and long period approximation. Transient response of aircraft dynamic. Basic concept of aircraft control systems. The types of autopilot. Autopilot design. Design of displacement autopilot by the Root Locus method. Inner and outer loop concepts. Pitch orientation control system. Root locus analysis. Acceleration control system. Matlab Simulink simulation of aircraft autopilots.

Course Coordinator
Emre Koyuncu
Course Language
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